Unity Ministries

Unity Ministries

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Church Council

The Church Council meets monthly and is composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three at large members. The council oversees and manages the ministries and financial obligations of the congregation. Each council member typically serves a two year term.

Art and Environment

The Art and Environment Committee help with the moving of church furniture and pew chairs as needed. They may also commission and/or design and construct banners and other art work.

Altar Guild

The altar guild maintains the albs and altar paraments and orders necessary supplies for coummunion such as candles,wine and bread, They prepare the altar for the Eucharist each Sunday, light the candles and arrange the flowers (as needed).

Assisting Ministers

The Assisting Minister assists with the Liturgy, Psalm, Prayers, and Eucharist. They typically robe and sit with the pastor during the worship service on Sunday morning. There are additional opportunities to lead Evening Prayer and the Easter Vigil.


Bell Choir


The Choir meets weekly with the choir director to prepare the hymns and liturgy for Sunday morning. They may also present special music throughout the year. The Bell Choir practices seasonally and prepares music for the Sunday morning liturgy. Other musicians are encouraged to provide special vocal or instrumental music.


The counters work in teams of two to count and record the weekly offering.

Eucharistic Ministers

The Eucharist Ministers assist with the distribution of Communion on Sunday morning.

Hospitality & Fellowship

The Hospitality/Fellowship Committee provide coffee/tea and Sunday snacks after worship. They also send cards to members to celebrate special occasions. Such as birthdays. The Hospitality Committee may also provide food for funerals and other church functions as needed.


The lectors prepare and read the lessons on Sunday morning usually once a month. They may also be asked to participate in other readings throughout the church year such as Passion Sunday readings, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Advent or Lent.


The Properties Committee insures that the church building is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.


The Stewardship committee provides opportunities for members to volunteer their time and talents and oversees the financial obligations of the congregation both locally and church wide.


The technology committee works to maintain and improve audio and visual capabilities in our nave.

Word and Witness

The Word and Witness Committee identifies the needs of various organizations and groups within our community and world. This may include providing Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, working with local schools for Christmas and Easter collections and collecting items such as diapers and other health care projects.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee works with the pastor and organist to choose liturgies and hymns for the liturgical year. They may also plan special music services and work with the University to schedule facility and student concerts

Ushers & Greeters

The Ushers greet members as they arrive and provide them with a worship folder. They also take attendance and assist with the offering and presenting of the elements. The ushers may be asked to be a crucifer when needed