Participation Opportunities

Members participate in designing seasonal environments for worship including seasonal moving

of the worship space. 

Assisting Minister

The assisting minister assists with the Liturgy, Psalm, Prayers, and Eucharist. They typically robe and sit with the pastor during the worship service. There are additional opportunities to lead Evening Prayer and the Easter Vigil. 

Eucharistic Minister

The Eucharistic Ministers assist with the distribution of Communion during worship services. 

Altar Guild

The altar guild maintains the albs and altar paraments and orders necessary supplies for communion such as candles, wine and bread. They prepare the altar for the Eucharist each service, light the candles and arrange flowers (as needed). 


The lectors prepare and read the lessons usually once a month during worship. They may also be asked to participate in other readings throughout the church year such as Passion Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Advent or Lent. 

Ushers & Greeters

The Ushers greet members as they arrive and provide them with a worship folder. They also take attendance and assist with the offering and presenting of the elements. They may be asked to be a crucifer when needed. 

Choir, Musicians

The Choir meets with the choir director to prepare the hymns and liturgy for worship services. They may also present special music throughout the year. Other musicians are encouraged to provide special vocal or instrumental music. 


Members work to maintain and improve audio and visual capabilities in our nave and through live stream. 

Hospitality & Fellowship

Members provide coffee/tea and Sunday snacks after worship. They also send cards to members to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. They may also provide food for funerals and other church functions as needed. 

Art & Environment

Members of the worship team participate in designing seasonal environments for worship services.